Choosing Agricultural Land in Kikuyu: 4 Key Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider When Choosing Agricultural Land in Kikuyu for Sale

Kiambu County is known for its rich agricultural heritage, no wonder the demand for agricultural land in Kikuyu is growing faster. Whether you are looking for farmland for sale in the Nairobi metropolitan area to do farming such as livestock farming, poultry farming, dairy farming, tea farming, coffee farming, and the likes, the Kikuyu area has the perfect environment and conditions for you to thrive.

While this is true, you should do your due diligence to ensure you buy the right agricultural plot in Kikuyu. In this regard, there are factors you should keep in mind before buying any cheap agricultural land for sale in Kikuyu, Kiambu. 

Let’s look into some of the key factors you should look at:

What To Look For When Buying Agricultural Land in Kikuyu

1. Look Agricultural Plot Kikuyu in the Right Location

Location is a key aspect that you cannot afford to neglect as you assess farm plots in Kikuyu. 

Here, you need to ask yourself whether you need a farm that is closer to the markets, be it in the immediate locality, in the Nairobi metropolitan area or even beyond, depending on what you are farming. 

In fact, access to markets is important in any agricultural business, especially when you are dealing with perishable products such as milk and vegetables.

Ideally, it should not be too expensive to transport your agricultural products to your customers. Therefore, you need to identify your potential markets and choose a farm location that is closer to the target consumers of the produce.

Ensure that the agricultural plot you go for has good road networks to transport your goods, materials, and machinery to and from the market.

Generally speaking, though, the Kikuyu area has a good infrastructure network. You can find suitable plots for sale Ondiri Kikuyu, Nachu, Gikambura, Kamangu, Zambezi, Thogoto, Makutano and the like.

2. Find Agricultural Land Prices Within Your Budget

The agricultural land prices in Kikuyu vary depending on the location. You simply need to find a farm plot that suits your budget. Make sure you pick the right size of land for the agricultural project you are looking to venture into. 

For example, if you are looking to start doing poultry farming, then a small farm plot Kikuyu will suffice.  

The beauty is that finding cheap farmland for Sale in Kikuyu is relatively easier if you work with a reputable real estate company in the area like Fusion Estates. 

Here are some of our best small farm land for sale in Nairobi metropolitan area. 

Tip: Don’t just settle for any cheap agricultural land for sale in Kikuyu. Do your homework and make sure the price reflects the value of the land you are looking to buy 

3. Check for Water Availability in the Farm Plot

A reliable water source is pretty much non-negotiable for the success of any agricultural activity. You should thus make sure your agricultural land has a reliable source of water. Look for farmland that will guarantee a constant and adequate supply of water. 

Kikuyu has access to clean water and you will not struggle to find an adequate supply of water for your farm. 

Tip: While your agricultural activity will affect the quantity and frequency of water supply, try to consider options for irrigation as well.

4. Assess the Soil Quality in the Farm Plot

If you are going for crop farming or need to plant something to aid your agricultural activity, then the quality of the soil must come into play. Kikuyu has various types of soils with varying fertility levels. 

Depending on the type of crops you want to grow, make sure the quality of the soil in the area favours your crops. In most places in Kikuyu, the soils are mostly kaolinite and have plenty of humus on the surface making them suitable for farming vegetables and other crops.

Buy Affordable Agricultural Land in Kikuyu From the Best Real Estate Company

Buying the right agricultural land in Kikuyu is a worthy investment if you can get the right one at the right price. There are many real estate companies in Kikuyu but you should do proper due diligence to avoid getting scammed or buying the wrong farm plot. Make sure you buy land only from a top real estate company Kikuyu like Fusion Estates. Contact us via +254 723 97 97 97 or to buy an affordable plot in Kikuyu, Kiambu with flexible payment options, today!

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