How to Buy a Plot in Kenya: A Simplified Process for First-Time Buyers

how to buy plot land kenya

Are you looking to buy a plot in Kenya as a first-timer? Frankly, it can be a daunting process but with the right information and guidance, the process can be smooth and straightforward. In this regard, we have compiled a simplified step-by-step guide that will walk you through how to buy plot in Kenya and where to find cheap plots for sale in Kenya, ensuring you make an informed and secure investment.

Step 1: Find the Right Plots for Sale in Kenya 

The first key step in the process is to find the right plots from a reputable land seller in the area. Well, you’ll need to assess the kind of land you are looking for in Kenya, whether you need the plot for residential, commercial, agricultural, or speculative purposes. 

Depending on the purpose of land you are looking to buy, you are better off finding and buying cheap plots for sale in Kenya in areas with fast growth potential. You can assess the amenities in the area like schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. Also look at the current and upcoming infrastructure (roads, water, electricity), and future development plans in the area.

You can check out our affordable plots for sale in Kikuyu, Kenya which is located less than an hour away from Nairobi. This makes it highly accessible from the Nairobi CBD if you are looking to buy a plot in Kenya to build your home. 

You can work or do business in the city whilst enjoying a more tranquil living environment! 

You can also buy our cheap plots for sale in Kenya, then wait for the price to appreciate and sell them for profit.

We have also made it easy for you to buy plot online in Kenya as you can fill in a plot reservation form on our website, get an offer from us and complete the purchase process from the comfort of your phone.

Step 2: Do Proper Due Diligence Before Buying a Plot

Once you have identified the piece of land you would like to buy, the next vital step is to do your due diligence to avoid running into issues in the long haul.  

For example, before you buy a plot in Kenya, you should dig into the history of the land including finding out who the previous owners were and how the land was acquired. 

Make sure you find out whether there are any disputes or legal issues related to the land. You should also find out if there are restrictions on the land that may affect how you plan to use it. 

You can do a land search via the Ministry of Lands using the eCitizen portal. You can create an account and once you log in, navigate to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning tab and select “Land Search.”

You’ll be required to enter the land title number which can be found on the land title deed. Fill out the online form with any other required details. After confirming the information, proceed to pay the search fee using your preferred mode of payment.

It is also important that you do some research on the land rates and taxes associated with the plot you want to buy. You can access this information from your local county government 

Step 3: Sign a Sales Agreement

Once you have done the due diligence and you’ve agreed to the purchase terms with the land selling company in Kenya or individual seller, the next step is to sign the sales agreement. This is essentially a legal document that outlines the terms of the sale, including the purchase price, payment schedule, and any other conditions. 

Tip: Make sure you read the sales agreement carefully to understand all the terms outlined as this is a legally binding document. You can speak to a lawyer who can assist you with this process to ensure you protect your rights as you sign the agreement.

Step 4: Make Payments & Transfer Ownership of the Plot

The final step after you buy plot in Kenya is to make payment as per the terms stipulated by the sales agreement and start the transfer of the plot ownership to your name depending on the land selling company. 

If you buy a plot from Fusion Estates, you’ll get an all-inclusive package for the purchase price. You won’t have to deal with the costs of transfer, registration, stamp duty or legal costs as you buy a plot in Kenya.

You’ll also get a title deed transfer document once you make the payment and the individual title deeds will be processed within 90 days of receipt of the full purchase price.

Final Remarks

That’s it! Buying a plot in Kenya is that easy, albeit, you need to ensure that you work with a real estate company in Kenya you can trust. This will ensure that you get a good deal and that the process of buying land is pretty much a breeze. Fusion Estates ticks the boxes if you are looking for a real estate company with the best affordable plots for sale in Kenya and a swift transaction process. 

You can contact us today via +254 723 97 97 97 or email us via to buy a plot in Kikuyu and other parts of the Nairobi Metropolitan in Kenya.

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