Everything You Need to know About Title Deeds in Kenya

How to Search for Title Deeds in Kenya

When you want to buy land in Kenya, you have to ensure that the land seller has the rightful ownership of the land. The way to know this is by checking if they have the title deed of the land. However, having a title deed is not enough, some people may have a fake title deed hence it’s important to check if the title deed they own is real. In this article, we help you understand what a title deed is, its importance, the types of title deeds and how to search for title deeds in Kenya

What is a Title Deed in Kenya?

A title deed in Kenya is an official legal document that proves ownership of land or property. It contains important information about the land, such as its size, location, boundaries, and any restrictions or encumbrances that may apply. The title deed document in Kenya is issued by the Ministry of Lands and is registered in the land Registry.

How Many Types of Title Deeds Are There in Kenya?

Title deeds are important because they provide legal security for landowners and property owners. Also, it is easier to transfer ownership of land or property in the future. In Kenya there are main types of title deeds in Kenya you should know:

  1. Absolute title deed

This is the most secure type of title deed that gives you as landowner the full right to use and dispose of the land or property without any restrictions.

  1. Certificate of lease

This type of title deed gives the land owner the right to use and occupy the land or property for a specified period of time, such as 50 or 99 years. While the land is not owned outright, the leaseholder has significant control and may develop the land during the lease period. Leasehold title deeds are common, especially in urban areas.

  1. Sectional title deed

This type of title deed is issued for individual units in a building, such as apartments or flats.

How to Search for Title Deeds in Kenya 

Now that you have known what is a title deed and the main types of title deeds In Kenya,  it’s important to know how to conduct a title deed search before you buy land in Kenya. Conducting a title deed search is a very crucial process when buying land in Kenya so that you can determine if the owner is the real seller. 

Method 1: How to Search Title Deeds in Kenya Manually

Although you can do land searches online via ArdhiSasa or eCitizen government all-in-one platform, you may not find the records of some counties. This is because some counties are still in the process of digitizing their land records. In this case, you will have to do a search title deed manually by visiting the nearest Land Offices in your County or sub-county.

For instance, if you want to buy a plot for sale in Kikuyu, you can visit Kiambu County offices.  They will help you with the land search or title deed search.

Method 2: How to Search Title Deed in Kenya Online

Step 1. First, go to your browser visit ArdhiSasa platform and click on “Register” to create an account. You have the option to register as an individual or company registration. For Individual registration you need:

  • Identification details (serial number of your current ID, ID number)
  • Official mobile number (registered using your ID number)
  • Personal email address
  • Set up a strong password
  • Click on this YouTube Link for a step-by-step guide on Individual Registration

For company registration you will need:

  • Company registration number
  • Official company mobile number (registered using a director’s ID number)
  • Company email address
  • Set up a strong password

Step 2. From there, go to the Ministry of Land and Physical Planning and select the “Land search” option.

Step 3. You will then have to enter the title number as it is on the title deed and complete the online land search form. From there click on the “Submit” button.

Step 4. Next, you will need to select your preferred payment option. You can pay via, M-Pesa credit card, or a debit card and pay 500kshHow do I verify an original title deed?

Step 5. After making the payment successfully, you can proceed to print the results.

From there you can verify if the information matches the title deed number you have.

FAQ on Title Deeds

1. How much does it cost to do a title search in Kenya?

It only costs 500 Kenyan shillings to do land search or land search online

2. How do I verify an original title deed?

Besides checking the details of the copy of the title deed such as matching signatures, serial numbers, and property descriptions among others, you will need to search for land registry of Kenya.

3. Can a Kenyan title deed have two names?

Yes, a title deed can have two names in a situation where two people co-jointly own a land

4. What is the importance of having a title deed?

A title deed is important for several reasons, including:

  • It proves ownership of a property.
  • It can be used as collateral for a loan.
  • It can be used to transfer ownership of a property.
  • It can help to settle disputes over property ownership

5. What should I do if I lose my title deed?

If you lose your title deed, you should immediately report it to the police and apply for a replacement title deed from the Ministry of Lands and Housing.


Title deeds are important documents to help you prove land ownership for any land you want to buy in Kenya. You need to check if the title deed and the land on sale match the description. To make your work easier you can work with trusted and licensed real estate agents like Fusion Estates Management to help you in buying land with a legit title deed.

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