Top 5 Best Places To Buy Affordable Plots for Sale in Kenya for Investment

Top 5 Best Places To Buy Land in Kenya For Investment

Where can you buy land in Kenya? Buying land in Kenya is one of the best investment decisions you can make. For starters, land in the right location will appreciate in value over time. You can simply find and buy cheap land in Kenya for speculation then sell it later for a higher price. You could also build residential or commercial property, do farming, or develop it to increase its value.

In this quick guide, we will expound more on the benefits of buying land in Kenya, including some of the best places to invest in.

Why Buying Land is a Good Investment in Kenya

Land in Kenya is a scarce resource, yet we have a growing population that is now estimated at  over 47,564,296 according to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census Report.
Here is an overview of the population growth trend in Kenya from 1969 to 2009:

Population Trend Data in 1969 to 2019 (Source:Kenya National Bureau of Statistics)

Of course the increasing demand for land means the prices will keep on rising over time. The current land appreciation rate in Kenya is estimated to be at around 1% to 5% per year depending on the location and the economy.

Now that you know a thing or two about why it is wise to invest in land in Kenya, let’s look at some of the best places where you can buy land:

Where To Buy Land in Kenya for Investment

1. Kiambu County

Kiambu County is one of the most sought-after places by many land investors in Kenya thanks to its proximity to the Nairobi CBD, a growing population, adequate social amenities, and good infrastructure. 

There are actually many fast growing areas where you can buy cheap land in Kiambu including the likes of Ruiru, Kirigiti, Ndumberi, Limuru, Kikuyu and more.

Kikuyu in particular is one of the best places where you can find cheap plots for sale in Kiambu. Kikuyu is a great place to live plus the location provides great agricultural potential. It has amazing road networks, accessible education, modern healthcare facilities, and huge real estate opportunities due to its growing population. 

It is surprising that even with its proximity to Nairobi city and unlimited investment opportunities, you can still find cheap plots for sale in Kikuyu! 

You can check out our cheap plots for sale in Kikuyu that are excellent for investment and development. We have the Zahara Gardens property and the Brookhill Gardens plots located in the serene Rosegate Nachu area, off Dagoretti Mutarakwa Road at Shell Lusigetti. These properties offer a serene environment for residential and commercial investment. 
If you are looking for commercial plots for sale in Kikuyu areas to invest, you need to read this guide on How Find The Best Commercial Plots for Sale in Kikuyu for Your Business

2. Kajiado County

Another area where you can get affordable plots for sale is Kajiado county. Kajiado County borders Nairobi County and is home to several industries, businesses, and amazing infrastructure. 

No wonder there is a boom in population in areas like Kitengela, Ongata Rongai, and Ngong. The availability of good road networks and SGR stations in Ongata Rongai and Ngong means that the demand will keep rising in the coming years. 

This makes Kajiado County one of the best places to buy land for investment in the country.

3. Machakos County

Machakos County is another one of the fastest developing and business-attractive counties in Kenya. The county is just in the outskirts of Nairobi with a good road network linking it to the city. 

Talk about Mombasa Road, Eastern Bypass, Kangundo Road, and Athi River SGR station which is approximately 20 km from Nairobi Terminus. It is also home to Kenya’s national flagship tech hub project, Konza Techno City. 

Some of the best places to buy cheap land in Machakos include the likes of Kangundo, Konza, and Athi River areas. 

4. Nanyuki- Laikipia County

Nanyuki is a vibrant town in the heart of Laikipia County. It is located between Meru and Nyeri counties and thus a good strategic investment area as the land in the area is fast appreciating in value.

A lot of the growth in Nanyuki has a lot to do with recent infrastructural developments and the Lapsset projects that are making the place more business-friendly. 

Nanyuki also appeals to tourists, thus investors have an opportunity to transform these areas into holiday accommodations or lodges while land is still relatively cheap. 

5. Malindi County

For a long time, Malindi was quiet. However, things have changed and many investors and real estate developers have started investing in the area. Malindi offers good agriculture potential ranging from fruits like pineapple to livestock. 

Furthermore, it boasts some of the best beaches in Kenya, sports, and marine parks that attract both local and international tourists. Its proximity to the Indian Ocean, inviting climate, and affordable land make it suitable to invest in real estate investment in Kenya. 

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Start Your Land Investment Journey in Kenya, Today!

In a nutshell, land is a good investment in Kenya but you ought to make it a priority to find the best place to buy the right one if you are to reap return on your investments. 

So,pick a place that offers reasonable prices. Ensure you also pick land with good or projected growth in road networks, social amenities, water supplies, and electricity. 

Fusion Estates is here to help you find the right type of land for investment in Kenya.
Don’t hesitate to drop Us an email via or call us via +254723 97 97 97 to start your land investment journey in Kenya, Today!

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