Investing in Nairobi’s Real Estate Market : How to Find the Right Real Estate Company

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Nairobi is one thriving hub for real estate investments in Kenya but, finding a trustworthy real estate company in the market can still be quite challenging. As an investor or a buyer, you definitely want to work with a genuinely reputable and reliable company. In this article we will tell you how to find the best real estate company Nairobi, including some of the common challenges you should be wary about as you invest:

How to Find Legit Real Estate Companies in Nairobi

As  you look to invest in any type of property in Nairobi, you’ll quickly find out that there are numerous real estate companies, each claiming to offer the best services and deals. Frankly, it can be quite tough to discern which real estate company is genuinely reputable and reliable.

For example, you don’t want to deal with doing business with a real estate company that has hidden fees that will lead to unexpected costs in the long run.

Unfortunately some real estate companies in Kenya might not really be transparent about their pricing and process. In fact, you should be on the lookout for some scam real estate companies looking to steal from you!  

Here are some of the common tactics that some rogue real estate companies in Nairobi might use to dupe you:

  • Fake Project Photos: Some scam real estate companies in Nairobi might use fake images including edited developments whilst falsely claiming that they have their ongoing projects you should invest in.
  • Nonexistent Projects: There have also been cases where scam real estate companies dupe customers into making payments yet they don’t have any completed projects, land, or houses to begin with. Most of such phony companies will tend to avoid taking you for a site visit to any actual sites.
  • Manipulated Social Media: Some will even go as far as creating fake Facebook pages to fabricate positive feedback and immediately delete negative comments, blocking the users who posted them.
    This is why you tread carefully as you find assess any real estate company Nairobi reviews as some can be manipulated to dupe you. 

These are just a few tactics you should watch out for. You check out our detailed guide on how to check if the real estate company you want to work with is legit

Why Fusion Estates is one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Nairobi

Now, one of the best ways to get value for your money and avoid getting conned is to work with a reputable real estate company and this is where Fusion Estates stands a cut above the rest in the market!

We Have a Proven Track Record in Kenya & East Africa

We are a subsidiary of Fusion Capital Limited, a Kenyan private equity firm, and real estate developer that focuses on acquiring, master-planning, and developing land, as well as property management of the Fusion real estate portfolio.

We have a track record spanning close to 20 years as a solid property developer, with an expansive and well-capitalized asset portfolio of up to $200 million comprising various assets spread across Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

We are happy to have scooped some awards over this journey, including the best value added land selling company in 2023, an award that recognizes the top real estate companies in Kenya

We Deliver Exceptional Customer Service!

As one the very best real estate companies in Nairobi we have created a reputation for delivering exceptional customer services.
Whether you’re looking to buy a plot in Kikuyu or any other part of the Nairobi metropolitan area or even looking for a real estate investment opportunity, you can rest assured that we have a team of  knowledgeable real estate agents ready to serve you. 

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you should do thorough due diligence as you look for the right real estate company to work with in Nairobi. You want to invest with the best real estate company in Nairobi like Fusion Estates. We have a proven track record delivering top-notch real estate services not just in Kenya but in East Africa. In other words, you can trust us with your investment!

You can contact us via +254 723 97 97 97 or email us via to start your real estate investments in Nairobi, today.

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