New Affordable Plots for Sale in Kikuyu 2024 Review

New Affordable Plots for Sale in Kikuyu 2024 Review

Are you looking for affordable plots Kikuyu? Perhaps you are looking to buy a plot to build your home or maybe you are just looking to buy land for speculation or any other investment purpose. 

You definitely want to ensure you get the right deal and as one of the real estate company Kikuyu, we’ve got you covered! Here, we will review some of the best affordable plots Kikuyu for sake you can go for, including why the area is the best place to buy land in Kenya.

Discover Our Best Affordable Plots for Sale in Kikuyu 2024

Here are some of our best affordable plots Kikuyu for sale in 2024:

Salma Gardens

If you are looking for a property that will give you value for your money, then we got you covered with our very new project in 2024 dubbed the Salma Gardens affordable plots Kikuyu. These plots have breathtaking views of Ngong Hills and Mt Suswa, and they are just a 50-minute drive from the CBD. 

The plots are located just 1.7 Km from the proposed tarmac (Lusigetti- Nachu Link Road), plus they are fully fenced with an estate gatehouse.

Salma Gardens Plots for Sale in Nachu, Kikuyu

Brookhill Gardens

There is also the Brookhill Gardens which is a project that has 31 plots, 1 community plot and land reserved as a residents’ recreational area. These affordable plots are located only 1.2 Kilometers from the Rosegate-Nachu Suswa Link Road. 

You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet environment in a wonderful gated community in Kikuyu. 

The best part about this property is that amenities such as schools, markets and hospitals are just a stone throw away from the location. This also means that your land value will appreciate fast!

Brookhill Gardens Affordable Plots for sale in Kikuyu

Alpha Meadows

Located just 2.8 KM of the tarmac of Makutano, along Dagoretti Mutarakwa Road lies these quiet and serene plots. The Alpha Meadows is a gated community 44-acre plot which can be purchased for both residential and investment purposes. 

If you are looking for a strategically located and secured area to call home then look no further than Alpha Meadows land for sale in Kikuyu 

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Top Reasons To Buy Land in Kikuyu

Proximity to Nairobi CBD

If you’re looking to access the city as fast as possible then buying land in Kikuyu allows you to do exactly that as it is located just 25 minutes drive away from the vibrant city. You can work and do business in the city as you live in a peaceful and tranquil location.

In fact, you’ll be closer to nature as there are natural landscapes around including the likes of Nachu Caves located in Lusigetti, Ndeiya, and Kikuyu.

Of course, you just need to find the right land where you can build a home in the region.

You Can Still Find Affordable Land Kikuyu For Sale

The affordable costs of land in Kikuyu regions are another reason for buying land in the area. When compared to other neighbourhoods in Nairobi, Kikuyu’s property costs are still reasonably lower. 

You definitely want to find and buy an affordable plot Kikuyu for sale in  2024 before the prices go up due to demand with the growing infrastructure and amenities. 

Agricultural Potential

Kikuyu is well known as a region with the right soil and pleasant climate that makes it perfect for growing a variety of crops. 

So, you are not just getting a place to call home, but you can also capitalize on the area’s agricultural potential. Yes, you could even venture into farming in the area.

Buy Affordable Land From the Best Real Estate Company Kikuyu, Today!

In a nutshell, if you are looking for affordable land in Kikuyu then Fusion Estates, then you are in the right place. Fusion Estates is the best real estate company in Kikuyu and we are here to make your dream of owning a land come true. 

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